Recollections -- (Universal 2001)
Look Into the Past (To See the Future) 2 -- (Universal 2002)
Selections 1997-2000 -- (Universal 2001)
Routes -- (ArtistShare 2005)
Naked Breath -- (ArtistShare 2004)
Free Soul Collection -- (SIGMA/Universal 2005)
moods -- (Quality Records 2003)
Episodes In Color -- (Sony Music 2002)
4 Seasons -- (Universal 2000)
Routes (Vinyl version) -- (ArtistShare 2005)
Introspection (EP) -- (Universal 2000)
Fallin' (EP) Vinyl-- (Universal 2000)
Chasing After the Sun (EP) -- (Universal 2000)
New Beginnings (EP) -- (Universal 2000)
Higher (EP) -- (Universal 1999)
Tomorrow's Sunrise (EP) -- (Universal 1999)
Optimista -- (Universal 1999)
Play It By Ear (EP) -- (Universal 1999)
Premiumix -- (Universal 1999)
Yellow Bird (EP) -- (Universal 1999)
Collage '99 (VHS) -- (Universal 1999)
Double Image -- (Universal 1998)
You Make Me (EP) -- (Universal 1998)
Mermaid (mini album) -- (Universal 1998)
Look Into the Past (to See the Future) '91-'97 -- (Kitty/Universal 1997)
Delicious Poison -- (Kitty/Universal 1996)
Adoption Agency -- (Kitty/Universal 1996)
Broken Tears (EP) -- (Kitty/Universal 1996)
Jazz Brat -- (Kitty/Universal 1995)
Sunshine After the Rain (EP) -- (Kitty/Universal 1995)
Groovement -- (Kitty/Universal 1994)
Maiden Japan -- (Kitty/Universal 1994)
Naked With You (EP) -- (NEC Avenue 1992)
Mangetsu -- (Virgin 1991)
Double Groovement (Vinyl) -- (Kitty/Universal 1994)
Mermaid (mini album) Vinyl -- (Universal 1998)
Jazz Brat (Vinyl) -- (Kitty/Universal 1995)
Adoption Agency (Vinyl) -- (Kitty/Universal 1996)
Falling Forward (EP) -- (Universal 2000)
You Make Me (EP) Vinyl-- (Universal 1998)
Yellow Bird (EP) Vinyl -- (Universal 1999)
Eri Nobuchika "Kodou" EP -- (2005 Sony Music Entertainment Japan)
Eri Nobuchika "Eri Nobuchika" -- 2005 Sony Music Entertainment Japan
m-flo "A.D.D.P" ~m-flo Loves Monday Michiru~ 2005 Avex Japan
Soul Source Production ( 2005 Universal-Japan)
"REKJM" Kyoto Jazz Massive ( 2004 Quality Records - Japan)
60 Channels “Covert Movements” CD (2004 Supacrucial Recordings/New Line Records)
Angelina"Muse" (2004 Nippon Columbia)
“Soul Source Remixed Boogies” remix compilation CD/album (2004 Victor-Japan)
Soundtrack “Jam Films” album (2003 Columbia)
“From the Heart” compilation album (2002 Syn Records)
“Groovin’ High Soul” compilation album (2002 Kitty)
“Groovin’ High Jazz” compilation album (2002 Flavour Records)
“Groovin’ High Brazil” compilation album (2002 For Life)
Bird “Gokujou Hybrid” album (2001 Sony)
Bird “Zero” single (2001 Sony)
“Soul Source Presents Routine Complication” compilation album (2001 Polydor)
“The Room” compilation album by Shuya Okino (2001 Universal)
K “Keynote” album (2001 Avex Trax)
Mondo Grosso “MG4R” album (2000 Real Eyes/Sony)
Mondo Grosso “MG4” album (2000 Real Eyes/Sony)
Mondo Grosso “Butterfly” single (2000 Real Eyes/Sony)
Mondo Grosso “Life” single (2000 Real Eyes/Sony)
“Sakura Hills Disco 3000” album (2000 Real Eyes/Sony)
Soul Source Jackson 5 Remixes, album (2000 Polydor)
Basement Jaxx album (1999 Sony)
Coldfeet “Flavors” remix single (1999 Sony)
Dede “Everybody” remix single (1999 Sony)
Yuki Ryoichi (So Wind Blow/Wonder Child” EP (1999 Polydor)
Bird “Bird” album (1999 Real Eyes/Sony)
Bird “Beats” EP (1999 Real Eyes/Sony)
Bird “Souls” single (1999 Real Eyes/Sony)
“City Lights” compilation by Tadashi Yabe/United Future Organization (1999 Mercury)
Wyolica “Sah Ikoh” EP (1999 Epic-Sony)
Wyolica “Kaze o Atsumete” EP (1999 Epic-Sony)
“Punch the Monkey! 2, Lupin the 3rd; Remixes & Covers II “ album (1999 Nippon Columbia)
Lisa Ono “Dream” album (1999 Toshiba EMI)
60 Channels “Tuned In Turned On” album (1998 Devilishly Good Productions)
Soundtrack “’hood” album (1998 Victor)
Mondo Grosso “The Man From Sakura Hills” remix album (1998 For Life)
Soul Bossa Trio “Remixes Supernova” album (1998 Wildjumbo)
Yasushi Ide presents Lonesome Echo Strings “Purple Noon” album (1998 Warner Music)
Clementine ‘Heure D’ete” album (1997 Sony)
Yoko Oginome “Make It On My Own” single (1997 Victor)
Yoko Oginome “Chains” album (1997 Victor)
Yoko Oginome “From My Garden” single (1997 Victor)
Mondo Grosso “Laughter In the Rain” EP (1997 For Life)
Mondo Grosso “Closer” album (1997 For Life)
Yoko Oginome “Look Up to the Sky” EP (1997 For Life)
Cosmic Village “Trinkets & Things” album (1997 Videoarts)
Kaho Shimada “Malacca” album (1997 Toshiba EMI)
Soul Bossa Trio “In Native” album (1997 Wildjumbo Label)
Vivayou Girlmix, promo single for fashion maker (1997)
M&M Productions EP (1997 Disorient)
UA “’Til The Clouds Break” EP (1997 Victor)
Mondo Grosso “Diggin’ Into the Real” EP (1997 For Life)
Peace Force “Mr. Freedom” album and single “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” (1996 BMG
Soul Bossa Trio album (1996 Victor)
Mondo Grosso “The European Expedition” live album (1996 For Life)
Mondo Grosso “Born Free” album (1996 For Life)
“Denz da Denz Vol. 2” compilation CD (1996 Basic Beats)
“Jazz Moments by Heineken Volume 1” album (1995 Polydor)
“Cutie Collection” compilation album (1995 Media Remoras)
Eiki Nonaka “a-key” album (1995 Mercury Records)
Picasso “Breakfast Newspaper” album (1995 Kitty)
“Cool Struttin’ Volume 3” compilation album (1995 Amber/Polydor)
Kyoto Jazz Massive “Kyoto Jazz Massive” album (1994 For Life)
Audio Sports “Strange Fruits” album (1994 All Access)
“Yeah!” compilation CD (1995 Kitty)
DJ Krush “Krush” album (1994 Chance Records)
Remix Trax Vol. 6 “Japanese New Vibes” compilation album (1993 Meldac)
“Jazz Hip Jap 2” compilation CD (1993 NEC Avenue)
BBF & Zum Zum Allstars “Zum Zum Paradise” album (1992 Ki/oon Sony Records)
United Future Organization “United Future Organization” “My Foolish Dream” (1992 Brownswood Records
“Jazz Hip Jap” compilation CD (1992 NEC Avenue)
System 7 “Freedom Fighters” single (1991Ten Records)
Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio & Flute Quartet “Tuttie Flutie” album (1978 mate Records
Toshiko Akiyoshi & Lew Tabackin Big Band “Insights” album (1976)
Tokyo Lounge (2003 NIPPON CROWN/DOMANI)
Tokyo Lounge 2 (2004 NIPPON CROWN/DOMANI)
Tokyo Lounge 3 (2004 NIPPON CROWN/DOMANI)
Tokyo Lounge 4 (2004 NIPPON CROWN/DOMANI)
"Chasing After The Sun" Dois Vinyl (2003 Disorient)
"Cruel 2 Be Kind" Dois Vinyl (2003 Disorient)
Mondo Grosso "Star Suite" Vinyl (2000 Sony Music)
Peace Force "Don't Let It Bring It Down" Vinyl (1996 BMG)
m-flo "A.D.D.P" ~m-flo Loves Monday Michiru 2 (2005 Avex Japan)
Mondo Grosso “Butterfly” single vinyl (2000 Real Eyes/Sony)
Storytellers ~compiled by Monday Michiru (2002)
m-flo "BEAT SPACE NINE" (2005 Avex)
m-flo "DOPE SPACE NINE" (2005 Avex)
Shibuya Jazz Classics: Monday Michiru Collection [Toshiko Akiyoshi] 2006
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Nexus CD Participant
Welcome to my CD Participant Package for the "Flow" project! I'm excited to share with you the unfolding of my new album from the conceptualization, all the creative processes from writing to demos, the recording, to the final product, the album...
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Monday Michiru Press Kit 2011